Kathalijne Hes



” Sharpness freezes the moment,

dynamic blur seduces to dream,

  about freedom, about uninhibited viewing ” 


A Short introduction


Kathalijne Hes (1970) studied illustration at the high school of arts in Utrecht. She soon found out that her talents lay more in autonomous paintings. She has been painting over 25 years now, with her work exposed in many different galleries and included in various private collections. Kathalijne previously painted people, landscapes and all kinds of animals. Since her atelier is surrounded by owls from the forest, these animals took over her focus. Kathalijne can express herself by painting owls, because of her fascination for these mysterious beasts, with their beautiful glance. An owl lends itself to assign it human emotions, create a character, or to give them a human title. In addition, the feathers are a big festival to painting techniques varying from thick paint to dynamic castings and sophisticated glace rings …. Striking characteristic personalities like; Geert Wilders, Donald Trump, Albert Einstein and Lady Gaga also get their turn to become an owl. 


Or get your own customised owl!

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